Aviation Expo 2023

Explore Beyond the Horizon

Join us on November 3rd, 2023 at Leesburg Executive Airport

Helpful hints for application success! For students, teachers & parents

2023 Aviation Education & Career Expo at ProJet Aviation to award over $166K in scholarships

This event is geared towards high school and college students (ages 16-22). Our focus is to introduce young people to the vast array of career opportunities within the aviation industry. We want to educate students on the brink of making college and career decisions about some of these exciting options. The Expo consists of industry leaders, vendors, aircraft displays, guest speakers, amazing prizes, demonstrations, and of course – scholarships! We provide information and resources that will launch a student’s career and help them achieve their goals!

All Corporate Sponsorships and Monetary Scholarships are tax deductible through our non-profit partner Best You Best Me.

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Essay Questions

Flight Training Awards/Scholarship

Is there someone in your life that influenced you to pursue aviation? Who was it, and what did they do that drew you to the industry? If it was not a person, then what was it that caused your interest in an aviation career?

Monetary and College Awards (Select One):

1:  Flash forward 7 years from now. You are in the middle of an amazing aviation career! A trendy Pilot’s Magazine wants to do a cover story on you! Your career, your accomplishments, and your contributions to the industry. What have you done that makes your life worthy of the front page? Write the story!

2: If resources were no object, how would you help make aviation more accessible to lower-income families and individuals? Whether they are pursuing a career in aviation or just want to travel more often, what ideas do you have to help the industry serve more people?