What I can only describe as an astonishing experience. The US Navy fighter pilot was by far, one of the most powerful and motivating speakers I have heard in my lifetime.

A. Smith | Student

This event is a high quality introduction to the world of aviation education and career opportunities…what impresses me the most is the obvious joy and sincere dedication exhibited by the organizers.

Anne C. | Parent

Each year I attend, I learn so much, and I am grateful for my scholarship which reduced by costs for becoming a commercial pilot. Thank you so much for the energy you expend in supporting young adults pursuing a career in aviation.

Niles S. | Scholarship Recipient

Before attending the Expo I had no plans of entering the aviation industry, but afterwards, I was certain I wanted to join the aviation world. At the Expo I met my dream college, and applied as soon as I got home. I am now in my junior year and plan to join the GA side of aviation a s charter pilot.

B. Sanders | Student

If you have students interested in any aspect of aviation, this is one experience you don’t want them to miss. This remarkable 1-day event is the most comprehensive, generous, educational program available to students, like no other. This is a unique and rewarding experience.

P.  Arnold | CTC Professor

Just a few hours changed my life. The Expo gave me such quality information, a part time job, and a definite idea of where I wanted my career to go beyond college. Thank You!

J. Hill | Student

The Expo made me believe more than ever, that I can pursue every single dream I have.

R. Patel | Student

Every year your event continues to amaze me. It is our pleasure to be associated with such a wonderful opportunity. I look forward to what the future holds.

A. Hastine | Embry Riddle Recruiter

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has really opened doors for me, and I would not be where I am now, if it wasn’t for this scholarship.

Paul A. | Scholarship Recipient

Thank you for getting it! You are giving our students another choice that may position them to fulfill their purpose and maximize their potential. We are grateful beyond measure for this unique experience and opportunity.

P Daniels R | Mance Foundation

Thank you for such an amazing day. Your Expo provided us with new resources and doubled my excitement of what’s possible. Thank you for your efforts and vision.

A. Kapp | Student

Thank you so much for hosting the Expo! We were honored to attend. We were so impressed with the whole program, but especially the quality of students who attend.

S. McGee | Educator/Vendor

I am planning on starting new hire training at a regional airline this Summer. After attending the Expo, I wanted a career in aviation! I am excited for the new opportunities ahead.

M. Rosario | Student