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The Area Port of Washington D.C. is pleased to inform you that your request to re-designate Leesburg Executive Airport as a “landing rights” airport has been effective since 15 February 2019. 

Aircraft operators are required to submit their landing rights request via Electronic Advance Passenger Information System (eAPIS) within 24 hours of the intended arrival time.

Upon confirmation of the receipt of the application by eAPIS, the aircraft operator will contact the CBP Command Center, Dulles Airport by calling: (703) 661-2800, Option 2 to confirm the submission.

Approval of a submitted request is not automatic. Approval will be based upon staffing available and/or other operational considerations at the requested arrival time.

If staffing is not available at the requested time CBP will provide an alternate time of availability. All aircraft must notify CBP of their intent to arrive 24 hours in advance. CBP will only provide clearance services between the hours of 0600 -2100, Sunday- Saturday.